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I've had a pretty busy weekend here. On Friday, I just landed a new job, which will pay a bit better and offer more stable hours that aren't all over the place. Meaning that I can actually produce artwork again on a regular basis, without being so burnt out by the end of the day. Which means I can get back into the comic book production game again! But that shit is unimportant now. Let's talk Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So I saw the movie today, and here is my spoiler-free bullet point review.

  • Really good movie. Really good in fact. But it's not better than the first.
  • James Spader is amazing as Ultron. Really, REALLY amazing.
  • The twins had difficulty growing on me. I mean, later installments will probably change that. But for now... I'm sorta “eh”.
  • With the way the movie ends here, I'm really hoping they go the other rumored route of Winter Soldier having assassinated Howard Stark, causing the Civil War... As opposed to the Government sanctioning from the comics. Regardless, the same people involved in Winter Soldier is doing Civil War, so I have faith.
  • This movie is long. Not like Transformers: Age of Extinction long, where toward the beginning of the fourth act, I'm looking at my watch. But it probably could have had about 15 minutes shaved off, but it was nothing that was making me impatient. (Having chugged a movie medium cup of Coke Zero didn't help, I'm sure.)
  • On the same note, I think I might have liked it more if they had spent more time getting some camoes by the other supporting cast members in there, like Pepper Potts or Jane Foster. (They're not in there.)
  • It's taken several movies, but they finally got Cap's costume looking right.
  • Lemme squelch the rumors right here. No cameos by Team Coulson. Not even a mention. Sorry. (I was looking for it too.) Also no mentions of Spider-Man, Carol Danvers, Doctor Strange or a certain lawyer in Hell's Kitchen. Not that you really should have expected any... But it's not there.
  • Only one mid-credit sequence. No shwarma scene at the end. It's just the one mid-credit scene and done.
  • Each of the characters get some decent screen time. It's not always even... But at least those that don't have their own movies, like Natasha and Clint get plenty of screen time.
  • Yes, some stuff is set up for the Black Panther movie. 
  • You can see Don Cheadle is in the movie. So thus War Machine is in it. War Machine is awesome. I love War Machine. (Though I would have loved a Pepper as “Rescue” showing up too. But at that point, I might as well hoped for Spider-Man and Captain Marvel as well.)


In short, it's a really good movie. Yeah, you should see it. But just remember it's not better than the first. It's also not better than Guardians of the Galaxy or even Winter Soldier. But I would place it above Thor: Dark World. It's good, but nothing you haven't seen before. I'd give it a B+


Dave Reynolds
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Thank you, Sir.

K. E. Woolfork
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love your work, had to add you to my watch list. Keep it up can't wait to see more ;)
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I gotta say, I LOVE your coloring style. 
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