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So it was announced today that the next Transformers show Robots in Disguise, will be airing on Cartoon Network as opposed to the now defunct Hub Network. Now let's not fool ourselves... It's because of the collapse of the Hub Network that this is even happening. Discovery Family is still airing My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop, but their “boy oriented flagship show” is heading back to familiar grounds again.  

I am disappointed in the departure of the Hub Network. I'm a big fan of potential and I saw a lot of a young Cartoon Network in it. I truly felt it had the potential to be as big as Cartoon Network and even Nickelodeon. Well, I guess there's only so much you can do when half of your shows are based around toys and games and the other half is reruns of Blossom and Step by Step. Still... I'm not going to lie. This does make me a bit uncomfortable. I'm really looking forward to the new TF show, but well... I kind of remember how Cartoon Network treated the Transformers the last several shows that were on there.

Armada started off strong as a premiere 6:30 PM time slot, right after Dragonball Z, during the Toonami block's peak in the afternoon. It was an anime import during the height of the anime boom. It had that perfect storm, and all it needed was to thrive on it's own merits. Unfortunately, Armada had some quality issues and it quickly was relegated to a 6:30 AM time slot, where it finished out

Energon also started off strong. It had a 8:30 time slot on Saturday nights, packages right in between the new Teen Titans cartoon and Justice League. The animation was better-ish (in comparison.) and errors were less likely. And in under seven episodes, it was shoved to the infamous 6:30 AM timeslot again. (It might actually have been 6 AM... I can't remember.)

Cybertron was all in all, a better series. The production and translation errors was not present, and it had a strong toyline tie-in. It began at 7 PM Saturday. But it skipped like, the very first episode of the series during it's debut, and it quickly went to 6:30 AM again. Eventually, I think the series wrapped up, finishing the series online before it finished on TV.

Animated was probably the best offering it had. Decent production and quality all around. And they were given a Saturday morning time slot, and to CN's credit, they didn't boot them from that Saturday morning timeslot. But they blew through the first two seasons non-stop and after leaving off with a big cliffhanger of Sari's discovery, we waited a whole year (with NO reruns) to see the truncated third season which after running also got no rerunning.

And the funny thing is, it's not like Cartoon Network has gotten better with this crap over the years. They tend to screw over their OWN shows. We've only recently started getting new episodes of Steven Universe after waiting near a half a year with no indication if it was ever returning. People are in the dark again about Adventure Time (their #1 show) at the moment. Beware the Batman got shitcanned (and probably rightfully so) with no warning at all. And we all know the (possibly overblown) controversy about Young Justice. And that's the stuff they own. Their hours have been cut back to give more hours to Adult Swim. (Because, you know, how can we ever live without reruns of Family Guy and American Dad.)

So yeah, we're all understandably worried, because the next chapter of the Transformers Universe is going back to a network with a history of screwing over shows. In Cartoon Network's defense though, the guy who ran the network into the ground for the last several years is no longer in charge, and has been replaced by a lady who was working there when the network was kicking ass. So it might have a really good chance. Or it might not.

Maybe this is just a sign of the times? I mean, last weekend was the first weekend that didn't have Saturday Morning cartoons anymore. Times are changing. In this day and age of YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, it's not like it's impossible to see cartoons anytime you want. It's no longer the day where the only place to see cartoons is on your television at a certain time anymore. We can now see them anytime and anyplace. Hasbro's talking about embracing Video on Demand for their content, and maybe that's just the future talking.

And also, what does this mean for Rescue Bots? I know some people, like me, are fans of it. Does it make the jump too, or does it finish it's run on Discovery? Does it get a fourth season? I don't know. I just hope that Robots in Disguise can make it through it's first season without being pulled without warning. 


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shatteredglasscomic Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I've found last week this group:…
Maybe you know it, maybe not. But it's something that would be very good for you. You're a very good artist. ;-) 
wolfprime Featured By Owner Edited Sep 23, 2014

Lak Lim name dropped you an his page as colorist for a few images. Can you please contact me via note or e-mail with your availability and commission rate?

Thank you, Sir.

K. E. Woolfork
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love your work, had to add you to my watch list. Keep it up can't wait to see more ;)
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I gotta say, I LOVE your coloring style. 
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Thank you, I appreciate it! =)
ShockorDragoon Featured By Owner May 30, 2014…

Think you can draw up the "Cybertronian Knights" symbol?
MachSabre Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'll probably get around to it in time. I've got plenty of references, since I color-flatted the story, so it won't be a problem.
ShockorDragoon Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Wow, what color did you choose?
MachSabre Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sorry?
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you draw amazing boobs and bums.
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