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So I got a Tumblr site now called Sharkraptors and Space Cadets which you can find HERE.

I wasn't really planning on getting one at first, because... Well, to be honest, I'm old and hate changing just as I get comfortable with one media. I still don't have a Twitter. (And I probably won't.) I'm one of those people that actually uses Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, as opposed to marketing themselves. And I realized that, well... I need to change that. Especially if I hope to have the new comic coming out sometime this year. So I bit the bullet and made a Tumblr site. Right now, it's going to be pretty much a “what goes here will go there” but as time goes on, that might change. I'll probably be more likely to keep the more comic centric stuff there, and the TF stuff here. So yeah, I got a Tumblr. And it's pretty good timing, since I'll be moving to Pennsylvania in a couple months. It's as good a time to start making changes all around. I'm actually pretty excited about it, as I'll get to be with my geologist and basically get the hell out of Michigan. (If you lived here, you'd understand.) But you know, with job interviews upcoming, I could use some traveling funds. Sooo... Moving Commission Sale! =)

$20 gets you a full color single character, with no or minimal background. (I have a ton of these floating around my gallery that you should have no problem finding examples of.) I'm not putting a cap on how many right yet, because I'll be doing this while I'm still drawing a comic and planning to move. So I'm playing a lot of this by ear. If there's any delays that pop up, then I'll inform you right way. And I'm keeping the guidelines real simple this time around.

• First come, first serve. (Don't post it here, but send me a note. It helps me keep it in order.)
• You know what I draw. (Don't be a weenie.)
• No Transformers. (I'm already working on a comic with them, right now.)
• I'd like to post these. (If it's a problem, let me know.)
• Paypal only.

And that's it. Later!


Dave Reynolds
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: U.S. Resident
Favourite style of art: Animated cel shading style
Operating System: Whatever works and does the job.


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Semir10000 Mar 25, 2014  New member
hello im semir10000 and i love transformers. i have only been on devainart for 5 days but i made a lot of ben 10 aliens. im really good at making aliens. but i want to star making my own version of transformers too. its called transformers dragon wars, i version of transformers that involves the atobots and there dragon forms, and the decipticons and there monster/demon forms. i have lots of ideas for it but i can draw any king of transformer if my life dependit on it. aliens i can do. transformers i cant. one thing i really want is to also add a power-full extra to the transformers dragon wars power house. the predacons, i want to bring them to the battle in bigger and stronger looks and forms. i saw your art while i was looking down this page for ideas and i took a long look at your art and i have to say you are one of the best. so how about this, can you please make and send me some transformers characters. it would really help. id be happy to trad or make a good duel for you. please, i really need your help. please.i really need help with a character called twin strike.

type me back.

there is so much awesome here!
MachSabre Mar 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much. :)
Did you work on a web-comic called ShadowGirls?
MachSabre Mar 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I was the co-creator and artist of it.
Any chance it will get continued?
MachSabre Mar 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Well, there's talks of continuing it in young adult novel form... But beyond that, I'm as clueless any one. Outside of guest appearances in future books, it's pretty much out of my hands. 
(2 Replies)
adamalonzo22 Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet Gallery!
Optimus8404 Oct 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Love the G1 recolors!  Keep it up!
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