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In the year 2525... No, not that far. =P

Okay, so here's what's going on here on my end. I've been taking commissions here for a little bit, and essentially I've fallen behind on them a bit. But I'm approaching completion of them. Basically I just finished a stint working third shift at work, which led to me getting sick and just having my hours all messed up to the point when I come home from work, I don't want to do anything but sleep. Top it all off, I'm sure many of you are familiar with the fact that we're currently in a winter hellhole at this moment, with temperatures hitting in the negatives on a regular basis. And that's before factoring in the wind chill, dropping it even more. (Seriously, I got curious one night when the temperature dropped to -7ºF here, and looked up McMurdo base in Antarctica to find out that they were at a balmy 21ºF. We were colder than the Antarctic.) So the cold weather has us all being rather miserable too. Financially, I'm keeping my head above water. Yeah, barely, but the money from the commissions are indeed helping. So thank you to those that ordered them. (I'll be getting them to you all soon.) In short, warmer months are coming soon, and my power bill (electric heat) will be going down soon. So I won't be so financially crushed all the time and I can stop whining 'bout it. =D

So what's in the future, project-wise? Well, that's a big deal actually.

Okay, for the last few years since the old comic Shadowgirls ended, I've been playing around with various comic ideas. And I've learned a few lessons from that experience, as well as having grown as both an artist and writer. (I hope!) For one, I'm not the same creator as I used to be, and there's certain types of stories I want to do. As well as certain types I don't want to do. (Not saying I don't enjoy reading them. Just that I don't wanna draw them.) Honestly, despite the financial problems I mentioned earlier, I'm more optimistic and upbeat these days. Even my fanservice is more playful and silly. (Which is kind of a funny sentence to say, now that I think about it.)

I'm just gonna lay it all out for you... Here's what's changed. Previously, I wanted to have the entire story completed before I even put one page online. So that way, there'd be no delays. But then I realized, that really only matters if I'm doing an ongoing... Which I'm not. I've been fleshing out several comic concepts for the last few years. Each of these are going to be self-contained stories, either as graphic novels or graphic novellas. (To be clear, my definition of a graphic novella is between 48-70 pages. Roughly 2-3 issues. Anything larger is a graphic novel.) Instead of doing one project for years, I'm going to go at this with a novelist approach and finish a story. Then do another story. And come back to the first story as a sequel. (If warranted.) Then another story and so on and so forth. Unless stated, there's no other creators involved. It's all on me, writing and artwork. This way, if it succeeds or fails, then it's only because of me. Thanks to the advent of printing on demand, such as Amazon's CreateSpace and Ka-Blam... All these stories will print in one way or another. (No need for a Kickstarter or anything. Though I'm not ruling that out, if the demand ends up being high enough.)

Where will people be able to read these stories? Well, I'm going to treat them on a case by case basis. But in general, they'll all be web-based. Either distributed freely by page or scenes, like Stjepan Sejic did with Sunstone and Death Vigil or what Randommode does with Pirate Madeline. Or put onto a website to be read like any regular webcomic, like you'd read online. (Tapastic, Comic Fury... You get the idea.) I will probably put up a Patreon to help make a few bucks from donations. Like I said, it'll be handled on a case by case basis. But in the end, I want these things READ by people. I turn 40 this year, and I don't wanna be “that guy” who's always talking about that comic he's gonna do. I want to get back in the comic game. My Geologist has always been lovingly supportive and encouraging of me to pursue this, and I owe it to both her and myself to do so. She's my Geologist. That's why I lava her!

So okay. I'm doing comics again. What's first?

Well, to start off, easing me back into it all. I have a graphic novella which will be called “Ergospheria”, which is a co-production between me and the musician Supertash. You might recall a bunch of CD covers I did for her? Hey, how often can I do a comic and have a soundtrack to it? (Technically the title will be 'Supertash: Ergospheria'. Though that title might change if we come up with a better one.) I was inspired by Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli's comic they did with Alice Cooper in the 90s called 'The Last Temptation'. Ergospheria is an action comic about a traveling musician who runs into a vagabond girl with mysterious powers that seems to manipulate light and gravity. (Oh yeah... Did I mention this is a “little bit of closure” for a certain comic book I used to work on?)

Following that is a comic project you might have heard me talking about for a while called “The Third Accelerator”. (3A for short.) This is a big project, it will be a longer graphic novel length story. It's about a down-on-her-luck woman that finds a watch that can stop time, to find out that there are things that exist outside of time that doesn't look too fondly on humans. There will be several 3A stories told over many years. It'll end up being a type story I've never tackled before, a science-fiction adventure series that by the end, will end up quite cosmic. The reason I'm not starting with this one is that I want to get all the art-kinks out of my system first. Because, maybe I'm being selfish here, but I want this one to be big. This is one I'm very proud of.

Following that will be another short graphic novella and then a second 3A story and then another novella. It'll go like that. 3A is the main story, with short novella intervals in-between. Though there is one interval story that will be pretty large as well. (Seriously, if you glance back through my DeviantArt gallery, you'll see a bunch of concept designs for most of these stories.) And almost all of these will be all-ages and sharing the same universe. (There's a couple of exceptions though. There's a couple of mature readers stories thrown in there. Kinda can't get around the boobs and wieners sometimes, yanno?)

So okay, I'm doing comics again, and those are the comics I'm planning. When will they be out?

I want to finish my commissions first, but after that, I'm going to start working on them and releasing them as I finish them. So probably this spring. (At least by my birthday in June.) Why am I making this announcement then? Because by doing this, I'm putting myself on the spot and forcing my hand. There will be no more excuses. It'll be time to draw some of my own comics again or stop pretending.

This is my 40th birthday present to myself. I'm giving myself back my career. :)


Dave Reynolds
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