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"I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!"

I consider Guardians of the Galaxy not only the best comic book movie of all time, but it’s actually my favorite movie of all time too. Not because I think it’s better than Citizen Kane or anything, but because it hit on all the personal particular points and desires that I wanted to see in an movie for many years. As a science fiction fan and a comic book fan, particularly of the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, I absolutely loved the fact that they embraced all the silliness, whole heartedly and with total conviction, without forgetting… It’s a movie with a talking tree. So for me, the sequel had a lot of living up to do.

And I”m happy to say, for the most part, it did indeed do just that.

There is not a cynical bone in this movie’s body. (If movies had bones, that it.) Everyone is enjoying their role, everyone gets a decent amount of screen time, and there’s some really decent character development going on. I greatly enjoyed this movie. It’s a two hour plus movie, and it didn’t feel that way to me. 

Is it as good as the first one? No. But it’s close. If I had to rank the Marvel comic book movies, it would be Guardians 1, Winter Soldier, and then this one. (Deadpool’s around here too, but technically that’s not a Marvel Studios movie.) If the first movie was an A+, this is an A… JUST barely missing out on that plus sign. So let’s go through the good and bad. I’ll do the bad first. Slight spoilers ahead…


The humor was a little too much at times. Especially from Drax. I love a great comedy, but there are times I don’t want to be laughing during a serious moment. 

The Peter and Ego relationship never really fleshed out as much as I wanted it to be. It may be because I’m already familiar with Ego from the comics, so I kept looking for his eventual heel-turn and when it came… It wasn’t exactly well built up. Though they did explain why… I had trouble buying it. I kept wondering if that was all or if there was more. And I was kinda disappointed to find out… There wasn’t.

Baby Groot is adorable, but unfortunately, he’s there JUST to be adorable. And not much else. That’s not a bad thing… But if you’re wanting him to have more of a prominent role than “OH MY GOD, HE’S ADORABLE!” then… Sorry. It wasn’t a problem for me personally, but I can see how some people would be annoyed by it. I wasn’t one of them. In fact, this comes up below in the good.

There is no particular ongoing “threat” in this movie, like Ravagers were in the last one. The Sovereign (the gold aliens from the trailers) are more an annoyance than an actual danger. But they do have their moments. 

I don’t think the Soundtrack is as strong as the first movie’s soundtrack. It’s still great, but the lack of David Bowie didn’t help.


Oh lord, strap in.

Michael Rooker OWNS this frickin’ movie. His portrayal of Yondu was so damn good. I mean, this is never going to win an award for a comic book movie with a blue skinned dude with a fin on his head, but my God, does he give it his all and it is amazing. In fact, if the first movie was basically Peter, Groot and Gamora’s movie… This one is Yondu, Nebula and Rocket’s movie. All three of them get some wonderful characterization.

You know how the opening to the first movie had Peter dancing across the screen during the credits? This one has Baby Groot dancing to “Mr. Blue Sky” in the middle of a massive battle and Good God, it was so damn adorable and funny. If that’s not for you, I don’t know what to say. Sorry. I loved it. 

The amount of easter egg cameos in this one far surpasses the first one. Speaking of which…

The Ravagers get some heavy characterizations in this. Including a few, what I thought were Easter Egg nods to the original Guardians team from the 90s that with one of the FIVE ending post credit scenes… I lost my shit! If you’re a fan of the 90s Guardians, you are about to fangasm! “All right! Let’s go steal some shit!”

David Hasselhoff. Seriously. 

The Stan Lee cameo has interesting ramifications for every single Stan Lee cameo done in every Marvel movie made. (Probably including the Fox and Sony ones too!)

There are some tragic moments in this movie that because you’re so invested in the characters… I actually teared up. The ending was a little over the top on sentimentality, but damn, it worked.

The fact that Thanos was really one horrible father is really driven home here.

The end credits are really super effective. And outside of “outtakes” movies like Cannonball Run did, it’s really one of the most engaging ways to keep the audience interested while waiting through the credits to see the extra scenes. 


There’s a bunch of more stuff, but I’m afraid I might have gone too far into spoilers territory, and if i go too much into them… I KNOW I will. In short, I really liked it. Is it perfect? No. But who gives a crap? I had a lot of fun with this one. By all means, I totally recommend it.

SLOT #1: Fleetshooter (for PurpleGramps) DONE
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SLOT #4: Marwir (for Gatekat) DONE
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